The Search For the Right Van Ends here

The Search For the Right Van Ends here

The sooner, the cheaper – the prevailing view to rent a van really cheap. That’s common, but it’s not a guarantee for a truck at a low price. We will give you tips on how to find the best offer through the choice of the provider, the wise comparison and the appropriate insurance. Learn more about how big the moving van should ideally be.

In our study comparing the price of moving trailer rentals, we first found out that the odds of getting the best deals are higher on comparison portals than on direct car rentals.The best or second best offer (not everyone has time to look long after the absolute fight price in the relocation stress) can be found with over 60 percent probability. Here is an overview of how the various portal and car rental companies have done in our comparison:

Bar chart with the probability of the best offer for the transportation rental

Comparison of several providers is worthwhile

However, even with our front-runner can be expensive: If you do not catch the best deals, prices rise especially for short-term bookings.

Therefore, our recommendation: Check a second and third platform in addition. As a supplement to, as a second and car or as a third option turned out to be particularly favorable – with these combinations you will find with 91% probability the best or at least second best offer. With the right commercial van rental this is an important matter.

We have created the price comparison based on common relocation scenarios: rent a van from Saturday, 10 am to Sunday, 10 am to typical conditions (Transporter size medium, fully comprehensive insurance with deductible, 100 free kilometers).

Rent a van in the right size

When packing the moving cart , remember that the load compartment is still half empty or – even worse – your removal kit does not fit completely into the Sprinter, you have calculated the volume incorrectly. Costs nerves and money!

Fully comprehensive

Which insurance makes sense?

If you rent a van, three insurance policies are included as a standard: Liability insurance as a duty and comprehensive and theft insurance. Glass, roof, tire and underbody protection is only included with some offers. The insurance only applies to registered drivers and in the following cases:

Liability insurance: covers damage to objects and persons outside the own vehicle

  • Fully comprehensive insurance: covers damage to your own vehicle (definitely recommended)
  • Theft insurance: the vehicle is insured against theft, no objects in the vehicle (recommended)
  • Glass, roof, tire and underbody protection: covers damage in these same areas (if required)

For liability insurance, make sure that the coverage is at least one million dollars.

In the case of comprehensive insurance and theft insurance, above all, the amount of the excess is important (covers the own contribution in case of damage). Thus, at first glance, particularly favorable offers for renting a truck often have a high deductible – and become very expensive in the event of accidents. Especially unskilled drivers should choose offers without deductibles (and follow our driving tips for vans), all others with max. 1,000 euros own contribution.